XFactoryBet FrontEnd development - Main Betting form     

  • Type: Development phase
  • Priority: 10
  • Finished: 90 %
  • Invested: 40 h
  • Started before: 2868 days
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Start: 08/18/2014
  • End: 08/22/2014
  • Last modified: 04/21/2016
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Layout for Betting form completed

Arrangement of main betting form's elements is completed.

XFactoryBet Interface

BETTING PROJECT XFactoryBet FrontEnd development - Main Betting form 310


Bet365 interface

ODDS DEVELOPING PRESENTATION Front end development - Main Betting form v2 310


• Logo is on the left side of Header
• Language selections and Login Section will be on right side of header
• Middle of Header is reserved for promotions. It will be dynamic animated content
• There is menu in Header bottom

Dynamic animated promotion

In header middle will be dynamic animated content. It will show our promotions. It’s like zone 1 on Bet365 website. On Bet365 promotions take whole right side of form. Player must scroll down a lot to see everything.

Instead of that we can show much more animated content on less surface area on the most visible part of the site, in header middle.

"Select date" panel completed

User can pick:
• Start date. Default start date will be current date. In our example because of testing purposes I subtract one year from current date.
• Start hour. Default is current hour.
• Start minute. Default is current minute.
• End date. Default is few days from now, or last date match date in our offer. For now, because of testing purposes I took two days from current date.
• End hour. Default is current hour.
• End minute. Default is current minute.

Dynamic animated match results

This panel will show dynamically animated content with recently finished match results.

This panel is similar to zone 1 on Bet365 website (in the picture example). On their website match results are on right side of form which is bad and players must scroll a lot to get information. Also width is too large, over 200px.

Compared to this our panel can show more last results in animated content using less space on the most visible part of the site, below main menu.

Sport panel

It's located left of main content (like on bet365 website). We don't have only text labels, we have sport icons. Graphic elements break the monotony of webpage full of numbers. Our solution also takes twice less space in width. This control will be improved more.

Matches panel completed

This is very powerful multifunctional control.

Bet365 have three screens to choose only one match, but our interface has only one screen. On first screen they have Categories and Tournaments for chosen sport. On their second screen player can pick up match and third to list all odds. To choose next match player must switch between those three screens.

Also, players can’t compare odds on Bet365 website.

In XFactoryBet "matches" panel player can pick any combinations of Categories, Tournaments and matches in one turn to compare selected matches. If player checks checkbox fields he adds new events without post back. If player choose any events by name he will initiate post back and all selected events will display their odds.

"Find match" field can filter matches by Category, Tournament, Home or Away. Player just needs to enter few letters and click Go.

Odd range panel completed

Player can choose custom minimum and maximum odds value. Most betting houses don’t have that option included Bet365.

Games panel 90% completed

XFactoryBet has many games.

Bet365 have one screen for 3-way odds and from that screen player needs to click special button to display another games in separate screen. In practice most players will play only one game. Goal of betting house is to lower the risk and spread player over many games and this interface is not functional for that.

We have all games displayed in main screen all the time. Players can choose any combination off games. If the game is not selected all games are displayed.

Odds panel completed

XFactoryBet has hierarchy in displaying odds. Games are divided into blocks. Sub games are separated by colors. Thus, it is not just that player can compare odds, he can see them more clearly. If player selects too many odds then below odds panel is a pager that splits odds offer in separate pages. Odds representations look appealing as for one match but also for any number of selected matches. Maximum optimization is applied in making this panel.

My ticket panel

When player selects odds they are displayed in My ticket panel. The displayed items are:
• Sequence number
• Match
• Game
• Odd

Our interface video

BETTING PROJECT XFactoryBet FrontEnd development - Main Betting form 310