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  • Type: Achievements
  • Priority: 10
  • Finished: 90 %
  • Started before: 3462 days
  • Duration: 812 days
  • Start: 01/01/2013
  • End: 03/23/2015
  • Last modified: 04/21/2016


Our sport betting startup is designed to compete with the world's biggest betting houses and all that with minimal investments. After 8 years of working in the largest regional betting company, our team of betting experts made new betting software and mathematical models for about 1400 sport games.

We collected detailed data about every match played in last 3.5 years and all that for 25 different sports. Now, we have database with 600,000 matches, which helps us to model sports betting games with high accuracy.


Our Online Betting startup is prepared for global market, or it can be focused on particular market like for example countries of the third world or western countries (in this case we must satisfy some legal norms). In poor countries people bet because they want to earn money and in rich countries people bet because of the excitement.


Using our real 3-parameter mathematical models (our ex-company uses only 1 and 2-parameter models) and huge database that we made, we are able to produce bigger odds then our competitors which will reflect in attracting more players. All these features are maintained with our Risk Control software that is instantly comparing our odd offers with the offers from the biggest betting houses in the world.

Also, we integrated our betting application with Betradar (largest worldwide betting service) which enables us to update Match Offers, Odds, Results, Specials, Odd changes and Ranking tables. We have our own Odd Production for 7 largest sports, so we are able to calculate odds before other betting houses, but also we are able to use odds for 25 other sports that Betradar service offers. Right now, we have 1384 games and still working to have 500 more. Odd setter can just click on the match, adjust few parameters (if necessary) and all odds for all games are instantly calculated and compared with world biggest betting houses.

The large number and variety of games spreads players into many games so this decreases the risk we have toward our players. Our multilingual sport betting webportal has innovative interface that enables all players to quickly search our large offer, so they can easily find their best odd range and compare odds for any chosen games, selected matches, competitions and countries.

A small number of employees (without expertise in betting industry but with small training) can maintain a large scale operations and functioning of the whole system due to high automation and reliability of our applications.

We are also developing other kinds of software. Our webportal development can boost and help our future marketing in building network of sport portals that will promote our betting house. This will attract more players, especially from Google and Bing search engines. Also, we built our Project Management Tool that affects good team work and tracks project phases in visually attractive way.

What we need?

With testing our models and with applying our simulations we will show and prove how our odds behave in practice. What we don’t have is an investor who will financially support our startup, which will make our project break through the market. In betting business you need certain amount of initial capital to pay employees for maintaining betting company and to guarantee winning players their payoffs.

Percentage of projects completion

Our betting startup is finished over 90 percent and currently most of it is fully functional. We expect to finish all thats left in the next few months. We integrated our Betting startup, Web Portal Development and our Project Management Tool in one offer, but they can be pitched like separate products.

We have a lot of experience in portal development and 20 projects successfully done. XFactory portals (our brand) are 100 percent finished and for that we used our Project Management Tool, so we have all documentations for all developing phases.


All these creations are after work efforts of two persons. One programmer and data scientist and one marketing betting expert, manager and designer.

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